Mouse Follower Project With Javascript

Javascript mouse follower.
Javascript Mouse Follower

In this project, we will change the position of an object according to the mouse cursor with Javascript. We can say mouse follower for this project. We will create 3 files for this project. These are;

  1. HTML File: The file which the front of the page is designing.
  2. CSS File: The file where the page style is designing.
  3. JS File: The file containing the Javascript code.

Introduction to Javascript

Javascript is a dynamic programming language. Now I’m not going to give you technical information. There are already a lot of resources on the Internet. I’m more interested in what can be done with this. Codes written in Javascript are executed by the browser. So no compiler is needed. You can interact with the user via Javascript. An example is a program that draws a circle when the user clicks a button. A lot of things like this can be done with javascript.
It is very important for mathematical programming, in fact, you will see it when writing programs with Javascript. If you have done some research on the internet, you will see how important Javascript is. For example, Node.js, Angular.js, Particles.js, Vue.js, React.js, Wallaby.js, Backbone.js, Meteor.js, Require.js and many other projects are available.
I hope I will give short lectures with Javascript in my future articles. Then I’m thinking of doing a lot of examples.